i opted to help the hatchlings

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    i can't remember who posted how to handle the hatching to help me--but i want to say thanks--[​IMG]-i mean it thanks very much--[​IMG]..i had to help---late last nine 1 egg was hatching , but the membrane was soooo thick--she couldn't get out of the egg---so i helped her along---i put her in a box in the work shop with some paper towels and a heat lamp---this morning we had 1 healthy work shop chic peeping and moving arround real good-[​IMG]--when i went to the broody box----i found 1 hatched but dead and 1 dead in the pecked open shell--[​IMG]- i believe that they completely exhauseted themselves try to get out of that last membrane--[​IMG]--i let the other eggs sit for maybe 3 hours---i went back and heard some internal peeping, and i also helped that chick out of her shell , next 2 had semi open shells with dead chicks inside--i found a couple of others that i had to help out and get to see the world--[​IMG].[​IMG]..[​IMG]..--so --with the help of the good member who said they have helped in the hatching process ---thank you again---i have 4 very healthy baby chicks running arround instad of none -[​IMG]--oh---3 of the 12 egg were not fertile ---the others just didn't make it---has anyone else had eggs that the inside membrane was so tough , and thick that the chicks couldn,t make it---i have gotten these eggs from my farmer friend up the road and never had this happen before with either of my 3 previous broody hens

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