I peeled the shell off a chicks egg


In the Brooder
Nov 20, 2020
Hi good evening this is my first time incubating eggs and it’s day 21 and the chick still hasn’t hatched so I helped it but it still isn’t all the way out what do I do
How much did you help him? Was he trying to get out yet? Make sure the humidity is high so the membrane doesnt dry.
Is it still alive? If it is, it should make it's may out on it's own it looks like you have helped it as much as you can.
Yes he’s alive but there is like some clear stuff stuck to the side of the egg i don’t know if he has absorbed the yolk completely or not if not what should I do
Leave it be....it looks like the yolk sac is not all the way absorbed.
It was not ready to hatch.

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