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Jul 31, 2008
I have spoke about this "friend" before... this is the one who was 3 months behind on rent and wanted me to take a cash advance on my credit card and give her a loan... 3 months later she bought a brand new 2010 Dodge Ram 2500

las summer we were at her place and her then 14 year old was drunk and bragging about the fact that her mom lets her do it all the time. Mom agreed and said she would rather her drink at home where she knows she is safe.

Last night hubby received a text message telling him that the daughter who is now 15 would like to smoke salvia with him....

Hubby had no idea what this was until I told him and looked it up.... but the problem is I find some sites that say its safe and had no side affects and others that compare it to LSD.

I have pretty much cut ties to this woman she is totally irresponsible

My question is... what do you do about this?... there are 2 younger children in the home... salvia is not yet illegal in canada.... mom has her drinking buddy with the 15 year old... this is just disgusting if you ask me... or am I being a fuddy duddy?

ETA: hubby does not smoke anything!..
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Do you have a Department of Children Services in Canada that you can call to report abuse or neglect of children. We do here and you can be anonymous. That mom is not helping her child she's hurting her. Sounds like she's already a 14 year old alcoholic and soon to be drug addict. Make the call and help her since her mom wont.
been there done that she lies her way out of it... see the kids think she is "cool" so they will lie for her too
been there done that she lies her way out of it... see the kids think she is "cool" so they will lie for her too

I feel your pain about child services. Robert's mother has been reported so many times it isn't even funny, but apparently big blue eyes work wonders
Besides the fact how terribly inappropriate it is that a 15-y/o girl is texting your hubby and wants to hang out with him...
No No..... MOM is texting my hubby telling hubby that her daughter wants to do this..... Hubby ummm had fun in College
but smartened up when he was about 23 ...
Maybe if there are certain times that the drinking is occurring, like Friday nights, when you call you could be more specific with that information so an investigator could respond at that time. Just because she got out of it once does not mean she will every time.
it does not work that way here they will visit between 9 - 5 monday to friday...

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