I posted this under Emergency but was told you guys could help

That should be the gizzard.Chickens have these instead of gall bladders.Pretty much works the same way. but it uses grit and gravel instead of acids moreless. AS far as the look of it,I've never seen one quite that large and inflamed. did you cut it open to see if there was any undigested in there or something?
the gall bladder is attached to the liver, it is the place was poisons gathered in the liver are stored to be released into the stomach.

what you are talking about, the dark red thing with the whitish, bluish sides, is the gizzard. cut the tracts at the entrance and exit. butterfly it (cutting it lengthwise - the direction in which it is the longest, not shortest). there will be food and grit, and a dark yellow skin. grab a hold of that yellow skin and peel it off, there will be a whitish blue underlining. rinse it off, and you're ready to eat

i like barbecue shake and bake best, myself
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Boy am I a noob. Well I did not fast him long enough as I just took the food away at noon and decided to butch one of the boys out. He was the smallest of the 3.

I think I got grossed out though as I cannot see eating it.
Sorry guys.

Thanks for the replies; we will be eating him soon.
you don't have to withdraw food, some do some don't

we don't

the gizzard is just a muscle; a very tough muscle.

not everyone eats them. my wife won't

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