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    Apr 11, 2007
    I am new and new to raising chickens.Me and a friend decided to raise meat chickens.We order from murry mcmurry her 25 +1 rare chick and me 25 = 1 rare chick.Well the day came and the post office called and I went and picked up my cornish x.I checked them at the post office they looked good.I got home and started thinking something was odd anyway me and my son finished giving them water and getting them to eat.I had read and study at lot before they came.I really thought something did look right some I found my invioce because the vitamin were not in there either.I recieved 14 buff orpinton pullets, 6 buff orpington cockrels and 8 red star cockrel fillers.After talking to the hatchery it was decided to send me the right ones and I was to keep these.Which are 5 week and great butheres the problem.before I recieved these my son signed up for the 4-H chick chain 25 pullets and 5 cockrels(RIR) plus 7 extra black star pullets and one acaucana.Grandpa built a 8 x8 coop 6ft middle and after reading think i have to many.The meat ckickens are all in a 8 x12 stall with the 12 extra cockrel.My son has to donate 6 to the 4-H program.Which still leave 45 chicken to 8x8 coop.tha run is 30ft x 60ft with one larger pasture if needed Should I sell some?I have a small dog kennel I could use for 3 if that helps
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    Each adult standard size chicken requires 3 to 4 square feet of space inside the coop plus additional outside space. Bantams require 2 to 3 square feet and chicks require much less.

    I dont know whether meat birds can be kept in a smaller space while they are being grown off, maybe one of our members who raises meat birds could offer some advice.


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