I realized something about gray hair this weekend...


14 Years
Jul 11, 2008
Gila, New Mexico
I'm a brunette, and I'm starting to get pretty gray. It's coming in thick everywhere, but it's heavy in the temples especially. I was looking at that lock of hair last night, and realized something...

I'm not turning gray, I'm turning lavender! YAY!! Lavender's my favorite chicken color, so I might as well join 'em...
Awesome! I am not turning grey...I am turning auburn.
I have two gray hairs (or lavender, however you want to think!
) and I named one Kaitlyn after my older daughter, and one Emily after my younger daughter. And then I colored them cause I didn't want to look at them anymore, lol! Plus my kids didn't like the idea of me naming my grays after them. Considering they're the ones who give them to me!
I didn't admit to gray until one Easter Sunday when my purse was stolen at church. I was doing the police report and when the officer asked me my hair color, i said brown just as he looked up and said gray. He had the good grace to blush and I called it gray from then on!
Mine was called L'Oreal medium brown, but it keeps fading to this awful orange color. It only keeps the lavender hairs colored for a week or so, and then they're shining right through the dark again. So what's the use coloring it? It doesn't stick, anyway. I can deal with lavender much better than gray!
Mine isnt the iron gray so many people have, its a silver color. I dont mind that so not coloring it any more.

Lilac? Now thats something I havent heard of before, but as its your favorite color, glad it works for you.

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