I really messed up.


8 Years
Apr 25, 2011
New Hampshire
Morning. I really really really, messed up bad last night. As a result one of my quail is dead, and one is injured, though she will make it I think. I hope. I'm coming to the forum for support, as DH doesn't really understand why I am so upset and I am hoping some other members on here will get it. I don't really know what I need, I just know this is really hard.

Last night I was moving the quail to their outdoor pen. I KNOW these little guys pop or fly because they do it all the time in front of me so I always keep a screen over their brooder. The brooder is 3 feet off the ground, with 2+ foot walls to keep them safe from our cat and 2 dogs. While I was transferring their feeder to the outdoor pen, I had the screen off ...it was not off for even 2 minutes, but when I came in the house, Sarge, my jack min-pin mix had one little baby, my oldest , "Corporal", broken in his mouth, and the cat had the other. She was playing with it. I threw the screen back on to protect the three that were still in the brooder and got both birds away. The oldest i could not do anything for. I cleaned up some of the blood and put her in my shirt against my skin while i cleaned the other baby. The back of her head was open and bleeding. I got the bleeding to stop, and used hydrogen peroxide and then neosporin and isolated her from the others. This morning she is scabbing over and appears to be in good shape. Thank God (thank you Lord). My other little gal, who had been born with a turned foot, and yet kept up with the other guys/gals just fine, and was the only one we had named yet, died in my bra. And I lost it. I cried for a very long time. Okay, I sobbed. It took DH a lot to convince me she was really dead, and would not wake up in a few minutes. See I know this is my fault as I am the human and I am responsible for these little lives. I left the screen off. I never even worried about it. Never ever crossed my mind to worry about it. I killed my quail. I have never had a problem with the culling of animals I intend as food. I can take great care of them and love them till they go, because I KNOW they are bound for the freezer and I respect the process. These guys were my first quail, and the family quickly decided they were not to be culled. They would be "pets" and we would raise their offspring for food. But these guys were supposed to live spoiled happy lives. And momma messed up.
We buried him in our backyard. DD picked flowers. DH who thinks I am an alien life form, for being so upset, was sweet enough to say a prayer for Corporal, and I cried some more. Nothing I've raised has ever died because of my irresponsibility.

I am not looking for anyone to tell me its okay..i know its not. I mean I wouldn't leave my children unattended as babies in a room with 2 dogs and a cat. But I didn't even consider the quails safety when I walked outside, in that moment.

Prayers please for my baby that is healing. I think its time to name her.

prayers coming your way
you should name her Faith
Sorry Jessa, It Really Sux, But A Look At The Bright Side Of It--- You'll Never Forget And Do It Again. A Small Unsavory Consolation Prize I Know, But It Is At Least A Possitive If It Helps The Disappointment Go Away?

You're Not Alone Either... We Have All Learned Many Things The Hard Way. Sorry For Your Loss.
JJMR794: I needed those words. I thank you.

PaigeHGibson: She came out of her “hidey hole” (peat cups turned on their sides) when I called her (peeped at her really) a few minutes ago, and has been eating and drinking.

Faith is a perfect name.
That's a terrible shame! Things like that happen so fast all you have left is regret. I have had animals all my life and it really sucks when one is hurt because of something I did or didn't do. So sorry for your loss, I hope your little Faith comes through it OK!
I agree with JJMR - we all have learned the hard way, and we're human darlin'. We forget, don't think straight, make mistakes. some are harder to bare than others, but like JJMR said, we live it and we learn from it. I have made the mistake of not remembering to lock my chicken's pen one night til late and I was like 'oh they'll be okay, I'm sick i dont feel like' , and the neighbor dog got loose and got one of my chickens.
Now I know no matter what to get my tail out there and lock it up. It was a heartbreaking lesson, but I haven't lost another one like that again.

I am sorry for you loss, and I love the name Faith, I hope she pulls through and continues to be a lil trooper.

I just got my own first 4 quail last weekend, and I am learning with you,
take care hun, and my best wishes.
X2 all of us have messed up at times, including me and everyone I know. We have to learn from our mistakes and keep going. Good luck, and I wish the best for you and the birds.
Your not alone,We all have made mistakes in the past ..Thats a part of keeping birds,Don't beat yourself up over a mistake
Thank you to each one of you. I know how busy our days can get, and it was very kind of you to listen and share your words with me.

I am happy to say that Faith has joined her 3 friends in their outdoor pen, and is happily jumping through pine boughs, hiding in peat cups and playing in shavings. Well, after she stood there for an hour looking at me like "really"..."REALLY?!...you want me to walk on a WIRE floor after everything i've been thru ....HMPH!". Eventually I think she got over it, and is running around like an old pro.

I am so relieved and feel very blessed.

Have a safe and Happy weekend!! and don't forget your d*mn top on your brooders!
Ah, I can smile. Much better.
Thank you again.


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