I really need a new rooster, worried about fighting.


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May 18, 2009
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My hatch rates are terrible, pathetic even 1/6 of eggs hatch when I tested a while ago, I'm testing with a broody now, and I even have to purchase fertile eggs. I'm thinking of adding a new rooster to the flock to increase the hatch rates, but I'm worried about fighting. Should I inctroduce a rooster slowly or not at all? Could I seperate the flock, so Ican see if the new rooster will 'service' the hens more?
Some roos got it, some don't.

You put the roo in, you let him get a little hen pecked but eventually (if he's big enough) he'll rule the roost and then you test again.
put him in at night while everyone is sleeping. they'll have no idea and it'll be easier. (after detaining him in quarantine for at least 30 days of course!!!!!)

the sneak attack at night works wonders i have found.
I agree some roos just arent the best at it. If you need an extra roo I have tons

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