I Really Need Help !!! For My Duck


May 13, 2015
I need help for my duck she two months , three weeks ago she had a limp on her left foot and her middle toe was swollen . She could walk and swim but she was little behind from the other ducks , then days pass and she couldn't stand up or walk for a long time and the others just left her alone when they went for their walk , when they would come back they would step on her and she would cry . Thats when I brought her inside and put heat on her foot . Then a week passed and wouldn't move her good foot and then on knee part she got swollen and hurts when I touch it and her middle toe is getting swollen too and I dont know what to do, her left leg on her toe is getting much better the swollen is going down but her right foot she doesn't move I even made a wheel for her but she just hangs and I do take out to swim and she only moves her left foot. And when she wants to move she uses her wings to move or try to get up. Please help I don't want to lose her.

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