I screwed up!!! Is everything gonna be okay??!?!?!! Day 7


Can't Decide
11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
Okay, I was re-reading about the humidity, and realized that I'm supposed to have the humidity at 50% for days 1-18, not 60%. I have 13 jumping little eyes right now, are they gonna make it to become fuzzy chicks??? I'm on day 7, so up until now they've been at 55-60%....
Okay, so you think I caught it in time??? I'm so freaked out right now, everything was going so great and then I realize this....Darn me, anyway....60-65% is for hatch days, darnit!
well i usually keep mine running that high or higher but i stagger hatches in mine and havent ever had a problem and if i candle them and get out the duds i usually hatch close to 100percent knock on wood
Well, all but one of my 14 eggs were fertile, the 14th had a blood spot that I found yesterday and confirmed today. All the others are lively and jumping around when I candle, even the tiny SF eggs. This is my first hatch so I'm a little frazzled, I just want day 21 to be here!!!! Thanks for reassuring me, I'm gonna let the humidity go down on its own, then keep it at 50%. Thanks again!!!

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