I shouldn't even be asking this, but, who has quail eggs for sale?


Waiting for Spring...
11 Years
Aug 22, 2008
I'm getting a craving for some hatching, and I am thinking about getting some quail eggs. I feel that I could probably make an arguement that they are pocket pets.

Let me know if you have any eggs available, I won't need them right now, and I need to think this over a little more first before I decide if I want to go through with it or not.

Let me know what you got, and what you charge.

I have coturnix: jumbo brown, A&M, and tuxedo. They are $5 for a dozen, plus shipping, Shipping for 12+ is usually $5 also.
I also have button quail: $7 for 12+, plus shipping.

You will be virtually bombarded with offers! Too many quail people on here!
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Yeah definitely too many quail people on here.

We are located in Western, Maryland. We are selling 20+ quail eggs for hatching from our website. We also sell live quail, currently have the Texas "Amys", browns will be available 6/9/2009.

We are a NPIP registered flock and have our birds tested so we can sell our quail eggs for eating.

We have adult quail (Jumbo Brown and Texas Amys) also available.

240-580-2228 if you have any questions.
Oh, I know. I love me some quail too. But, I'm still not completely sure I want to raise them again.

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