I think DH really likes chickens and doesn't want to admit it


Ranger Rick
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Oct 27, 2007
Southwest Mississippi
To wit:

Today while he was cutting the grass and Brennan (4 yo. son) and I were feeding and playing with the chickens (six hens), hubby John comes up and says

John:(waving his hand around to indicate the 20' x 50' space where I have intended to make a garden spot) We should just fence this whole place up and make it a chicken run.

Me: (astonished) Why!?

John: Because you keep getting chickens and pretty soon this run isn't going to be big enough for them.

Me: (indignant) I asked in chicken chat (referring to here) and they said this size run was plenty big for eleven hens!

Him: It's not going to be big enough for thirty!

Me: I stopped buying them!

Him: (pointing to brooder that contains five 3 week old pullets) You stopped buying them two weeks ago. (snickers)

Me: That was three weeks ago, thank you. (Little does he know that they were out of chicks the last time I was at the feed store.)

Him: You'll want more.

Well, naturally I will. I just can't imagine why he is trying to put ideas like that into my head. But there are two possibilities. (well, four)

1) He wants more chickens as much as I do.
2) He doesn't want to have to help me plant a garden.
3) He REALLY doesn't like cutting grass in that spot.
4) he enjoys building chicken houses more than he lets on.

Maybe it is a combination of all those things.


Cheep Mama

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Mar 14, 2008
Around other people my hubby refers to the chickens as the "wife's thing" however, I find him watching and holding them when nobody else is around. He loves to work on the coop and run and is always having new ideas. He's too funny with them.


Canning Squirrel
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Mar 6, 2008
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LOL...I think your combination of all four is a good guess!!! I swear, I will NEVER figure out men!!! My hubby got downright defensive about his right to help name some of our new babies!!!! LOL


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Apr 8, 2008
SW Indiana
I hope my husband gets to that point.
So far, it is ...they are your chicks. I only wanted help so their little bottoms could be cleaned if necessary
He did help but he keeps telling me I should probably call my friend over to help me, which I would do if she didn't live 25 miles away.

I want to post a picture of the chicks..but can't figure out how to make them show. What photo hosting site works the best?


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Mar 9, 2008
Bloomsburg, PA
Those little chicks can get to you can't they. My DH has changed where I'm putting my chicks at. I was going to the barn but now I'm in the shed closer to the house. He will get it ready for me he said.

equine chick

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Feb 9, 2007
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When I first entertained the idea of getting chickens 3 years ago it was a "you got to be kidding me"
After lots of harping on my part 2 years ago it turned into a "we'll see."
Last year when I put my foot down and got chickens it was "whatever, they are your chickens kind of thing"
After having them for a year dh has bought a newer more expensive coop for the girls 20x14. It is very stylish too. He is the first to be selling eggs to anyone and everyone and talks about having chickens to his friends. I think he has enjoyed our venture into incubating and is entertaining gettin me a sportmans for my anniversary gift this year. He aint foolin nobody, it's for both of us. He's talking about breeding all kinds of things. So much better than a diamond imo. Yeah I think the girls and guys are here to stay.


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Jul 13, 2007
I keep seeing "DH", is these posts referring to husbands. What is the D?


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Nov 9, 2007
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Quote:Or something else, depending on how chicken friendly he's being at the time!

My SO just went out to help me clean the waterers. As I sat picking up chick after chick I suggested he pick up one too. His response? After growing up on a *&^%$! chicken farm, I've seen enough chickens. No thanks!
Okay, so what was that in his hands not 2 minutes later?
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