I think he did the "deed" ??????


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May 4, 2009
Ok,i think i posted this in the right section.

For the first time i witnessed my roo "doing the deed" with one of my hens befor she laid her egg yesterday. It really only took about 5 seconds. Is that how quick the process is?? Does this mean that her egg may be fertil? I have had my incubator on
for about 48 hours now, (i am getting ready for my hatching eggs that i orderd). I put her egg in the bator last night. Should i candle at day 3. Oh, she lays white eggs. Oh I hope it's fertil, i hope it's fertil!!!!
The roo is a white bantam Cochin and the hen is a white leghorn. Hummm.. this could be an interesting mix.
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If that was the first time he mated with her I would say the egg she laid that same day will not be fertile. Give it a few days and then collect her eggs and put them in the incubator. Yes the "deed" is done and overwith very quickly but he does it many many times haha.
LOL!! my husband said that he saw him do it the other day but was nout sure that it was the deed or a pecking order thing. thanks for your info!!
Yes.. that is baisically what he saw. I told him that he was maiting but my husband thinks that it was way too fast.

Do you think the egg she laid this morning will have a better chance of being fertil? Although i do not believe the Roo had any interaction yet with the hen today.
Yeah it's fast but all day long. From what I've heard a hen can withhold the males sperm inside of her for 2 weeks. There is a much better chance that todays would be fertile and the next eggs she lays also.
I gave my MIL a rooster and hen. The hen had to hide from the roo constantly because he was torturing her with 'the deed'. LOL She gave him back to me LOL I gave her some more hens...she didn't like the crowing either.

I wouldn't think the egg would be fertile on the first day. I would give them 5-7 days and then start incubating her eggs.

You can break one open to see if it is fertile or not though. SpeckledHen has a thread on here for people to learn about wheather your eggs are fertile.

If you open it and that little white looking spot on the egg looks like a bulls eye then it is suposed to be fertile.
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I seen that you said its a white cochin and a white leghorn. One of my chickens hatched out buff cochin and white leghorn chickes. Cute birds!

Only 2 out of 4 got feather legs and they are roos! I only got 1 girl!


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Eggs laid on the day of the first "deed" are not fertile.

Goods need to be delivered a few days in advance.
How many babiez do you want from them?

It is difficult to save the eggs for a week at a time, but if they are fertile, they will be okay if you put them in a cool place and turn them once a day.

That way when it's time to hatch, you get a batch at a time.. cause how will you hatch one at a time? Unless that's all you want.

I went through the wait and hatch game, and it's not easy to have so many at different ages.

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