I think I am going to move on ;-(


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
NW Missouri
I have had my turkeys for a couple months, well about 4 I think. They have been alot of fun raising but I have been having more and more chickens come in thanks in part to my DW but mostly myself lol. I am wanting to sell the turkeys I think but I am not sure how to go about it, I think ill list them on Craigslist probably but how much do I "sell" them for? They are bronze heritage and they are about 16 weeks, they are pretty good sized and are nice, I dont think they would be full size at thanksgiving which I guess would drive potential buyers away but I was hoping someone would buy them for pets or potential breeders although someone buying them for food doesnt really bother me since I know they are food lol.

Sorry if they are dumb questions, I have never even owned turkeys before this and obviously have not sold any lol.
They should move pretty easily at $20 I would think. I was getting that much for 6 week Royal Palms this spring, and $18 for red bronzes. So $20 if you want them gone right now, but I bet you can get $30 for them. But loanwizard had a good idea. Do the Craigslist search and see what they are going for nearby. Maybe demand is much lower down there.

Sorry to hear you are leaving the turkey world. It is a happy place!!!
It was GREAT fun raising them, in the spring I think I will get some blue slates or royal palms, by then I hope to have my new barn put up and they could have their own area.

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