I think I cooked them...help

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Apr 19, 2010
:hitSo I put my eggs in on Sunday and the bator had been up and running for about 3 days prior. Right at 99.5. Then as I read directions for the bator for the 3rd or 4th time I realized my Themometer was not in the right place...put a second one in and the temp was through the roof. I immediately lowered the temp but I'm afraid its too late. With the themometer on the screen temp perfect. Themometer on top of turner...too hot. I think I cooked them. There is no smell or anything. I think I should candle to see. I'm at day five tomorrow.
I would wait until at least day 7 and then again at 14 or so. It would have to be awfully hot for a long time to actually "cook" the inside of the egg. Be patient, they are probably fine.
i would at least wait until day 8 to candle and longer if they are dark colored eggs. You'd be surprised how strong young chicken embryo's are...hang in there and try to keep the temps stable and see what happens.
It was like 110...i'm not 100% sure. I freaked out and opened the bator and immediately lowered the temp. I have cried and cried. This is my first time and I know it won't go perfect but still. I hate thinking I killed them!
If you candle now, with a bright enough light, you should be able to tell if they are ok. I candled mine on day 3 and was able to see their hearts actually beating. Don't give up on them!

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