I think I got suckered with the Araucana/Easter Egger newbie trick!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by sablevulpe, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. sablevulpe

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    Jun 3, 2010
    Andover, MN
    Okay, the chicks are well feathered now, and I've figured out I have two lady Brahmas, two lady Orpington, one Orpington Roo, but these three were sold to me as Araucanas... I think I got the newbie sucker punch with Easter Eggers... any opinions? Also, the two darker ones are quite aggressive. Are they possibly Roos?

    The chicken below is the only one who actually BITES... will fit my whole finger in there if it can. He doesn't have a tail and has some of the duckwing irridescence on his/her wings.
    This is the gentlest little hen, please please say she's a hen. I think she's a vegetarian- she hasn't shown much interest in the bugs even when the rest of the crew is playing chicken rugby for a tasty beetle!
    On another note of the same song, one of my Orpingtons quite a bit darker, and has black feathers in her wings and tail, and slightly different color feet. Is she a mutt or just an expresive individual?
  2. Tala

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    The bottom one is not a purebred Buff Orpington - they have flesh colored legs. However, it looks suspiciously like some of my HALF Buff Orpington babies. Maybe it's a mutt?
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    Nov 25, 2008
    Looks like the two darker ones are roos. The light one looks like a tailed gold duckwing araucana hen to me. It is possible that the two roos are araucanas also, just non standard colors. Especially if one doesn't have a tail. My easter eggers and my true araucana's look very similar except my easter eggers have beards, muffs, and tails. The araucana's don't. Color wise as babies they are very similar. You may not have been suckered at all. Where did you get them. If you got them from a farm supply or breeder, they are most likely EE's.

    None of my araucana roos are aggressive though, so that is weird.

    The top one looks like a black breasted red, then a duckwing, and duckwing.

    Also none of them have tufts, and if they don't have tufts you won't get tufts from their offspring if you were thinking about breeding.

    The araucana standard is pretty strict on rumpless, tufted, and only certain color are standard.


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