I think I have 2 EE's


13 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
I recieved 4 hatching eggs that were labeled Marans X 2 hatched out black like cuckoo Marans the other 2 hatched out 1 yellow the other yellow with silver in it. The 2 odd color ones have muffs. they all came from brown eggs. The black ones hatched out of darker brown and the others were a medium to light brown. What do you think? I wonder if maybe the roo was Marans and maybe one of the moms was an EE?


Yes the black ones were from the darker eggs. I hve tried to email the lady that sent them but no response. I really like them all and am not mad that the other 2 are not Marans just would like to know what they are. I sure am leaning toward EE's on the other 2. They are all so cute.
they dont look much like EE's.
do they have muffs?
I have a marans and an EE, but they dont look like either one.
Maybe it was a mix-up
wait until some feathers start coming in and post more pictures then.

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