I think I have a bobcat

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    I was out this morning on my deck, which is raised up from the rest of my yard, and I saw a cat. And it didn't look like any house cat I have ever seen. It was lanky and it took long strides when it ran. I have never seen a bobcat with my own two eyes, and it happened so quickly that I can't be 100% sure.. but I am pretty sure. The second it saw me, it bolted and was gone in mere seconds. I have lost two chickens in the past five days so there is something out there. Can you trap bobcats? what is my best bet on taking care of the problem? It's legal to shoot where I live because I live in the woods, but I am not sure its even legal to kill a bobcat if that's what the problem is(I will look this up.) And if I can't legally shoot one what should I do? I have learned to deal with coyotes and raccoons but bobcats are a whole new thing for me.. Thanks.
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    Look up you local (and state) depredation and also trapping laws. You may be able to trap and relocate depending on what the laws says. I know in NC you can dispatch any animal that is destroying your property and chickens are part of the property. I am dealing with a predator currently as something got 2 our our new hampshire reds.
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    How is he getting to your chickens? May need to improve your security.

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