i think I have a twin egg! :O :( :) ? NEED HELP!!!!!!

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  1. I just want to make sure if it is a twin egg I know what to do because its not a very big egg just a little bigger than a store bought large egg. what do I do!!! and does anybody have any candling pictures from a twin egg? just to be sure because I think i can see two heads because there are 4 VERY dark spots that look like eyes do and 4 semi dark spots that look like heads and bodies.
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  2. The Chickeneer

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    It might just be a double yoker....I wouldn't have great expectations for it to hatch though. There are some candling and hacthcing vids on youtube on double yokers.......maybe try looking at them? Good luck[​IMG]
  3. thanks but if it IS, they are both developing at the same rate and both moving.
  4. Ilovemyduckies

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    Feb 21, 2012
    That is so funny. I candled my eggs today and one of mine looks like a twin too. I figured that out just today!!! Good Luck! :D

  5. yeah this is my very first hatch and what comes out of these eggs will be my first chickens so I am very much a newbe! i have no clue what to do other than what I have read off of BYC. and to have a double yolker and this be my first hatch not knowing what to do if one that was not double needed help I, need all the help I can get!
  6. BTW, what day R U on? I am on day 11.
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    Feb 21, 2012
    Me? I am on day 14 today :D

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    I don't think there is much advice...most don't survive. But if they do usually one dies when it hatches because only one has access to the air cell. There's a video on youtube of a woman assisting and successfully hatching twins. From what I've read you pretty much at the right time need to make an air hole for the other one...not sure how you exactly do that without killing them. You risk hitting a vessel, doing it too early. And I also read that yes, most double yolkers are slightly bigger eggs. You probably do have twins! Good luck and good hatching. Keep us updated. i'll be stalking this page. Oh and take pics!
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    There's really not much you can do but let it develop and see if it hatches.


  10. wow Im on day 12 today. and thank you everyone I will be sure to
    take pics of them if and or when it hatches because untill all of the eggs are finished hatching I will not be leaving the incubator! my mom said that because this means so much to me and its my first hatch its ok!

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