I think I have my final answer...I think???


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Jun 19, 2009
East Central Indiana
I've been raising chickens about a year now and think I have finally decided what breeds I want to focus on based on egg color, personality, and just general breed preference. I have a bunch of hatchery EE in my brooder now for blue and green tinted eggs and those adorable beards and muffs. I have high quality silkie eggs in my bator just cause silkies are so sweet and cute. I have been in contact with a fellow BYC'er for some olive eggers because I really, really want olive eggs. I already have a blue orp roo and black orp hen and five of their offspring and two hatchery BO in the brooder just because I think orps are so cool and lay a pretty light brown egg. There is a guy about an hour away that has black copper marans. I was thinking about getting a dozen hatching eggs from him eggs. What do you guys think Have I gone chicken crazy? I would only want about 5 hens and a roo from each breed except for silkies I want a b/b/s pen, white pen, and a few cuckoos of those. So in total we are only talking about 25-35 birds total. And I would only need to build one more coop.
Coop 1 b/b/s and buff orps
Coop 2 EE
Coop 3 BCM
Coop 4 (seperated into 2 sections for breeding) b/b/s, white, cuckoo silkies
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I think you should go for it, provided you have the necessary resources and have thought through it extensively. I am about to do the same sort of thing with several varieties of bantam cochins I am ordering next week, so I had to go through extremely detailed planning and write a 6 page paper on it to convince my dad that I knew what I was doing, and that has really helped me to get rid of any doubt for what I am going to do. So I would recommend that, if you haven't already. Good luck if you decide to do it!

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