I think i have twins

I hope you can see the on either side of the egg. Each chick is very active but I don't have a video.


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I'm trying to post a clear picture. I'm hoping because they are on each side of the egg they will make it. If anyone is interested I can keep an update going.


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Do I let them continue?
Of course you do. Was there ever any doubt?

Double yolked eggs often don't hatch at all, especially on their own. Sometimes you can get one chick out of them, very seldom two. There isn't much you can do until they start to hatch.

About ten or twelve years ago someone had a video of somebody that assisted a double yolked egg to hatch and got two living chicks out of it. It involved a lot of assisting. You might try an internet search to see if you can find that video or a similar one.

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