I think I need to get ready...


Jul 6, 2018
Today is day 12 and I can see little ones dancing around inside when I candle them. What all should I have on hand for the new babies, assuming everyone gets out ok?
Do you not already have your brooder available? You'll need your brooder, a suitable substrate, a heat lamp, two thermometers (one for each end of the brooder), a feeder, a waterer (that they can't drown in), and suitable feed. Band-aids and thin cardboard are a good idea in case you need to make hobbles or 'snowshoes' for birds with splay legs or curled toes.
Oh I do have those things all set up and waiting. My daughter had the brooder from when she got her baby chicks. And I do have outside cage for when they can go out. I'm a little confused on what feed I need in the beginning. I've been told a couple of different ones by the feed store.
Don't ask the feed store, feed stores are bad at advice and are trying to sell you things.
You want a gamebird starter, crushed up a bit so it's easy to eat. Put it in a dish, and also keep some of it scattered around the whole brooder for the first few days so they can get it wherever they are.
Make VERY sure the waterer is drown-proof. Baby quail are tiny and very stupid.

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