I think I see something!!!!! What do you think?


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
ok, so day 9 for me, althoug it's only day 3 at being the correct temp, grrr... but anyways, I don't see any veins but I do see this (video!! click on the pic to see it, sorry it's really bad, i'm not good at taking pics.video of eggs evidently but you can see something inside the egg right above the X)

is that a heart beating? maybe maybe maybe??? something's definitely moving...
Something is moving...
yay i'm not imagining it!!! lol, for a second i thought i wanted to see something so bad that i was starting to... I've got SEVEN that look like this!
pretty good since I just grabbed a bunch of eggs from my chicken coop to mess around and test the incubator since it hasn't been used in probably 10 years and that was for quail eggs, wasn't planning on actually having babies in 2 weeks, o well!
I convinced myself that 20 Silkie eggs had something goin on earlier this month but it turns out it was wishful thinking

i since have boned up on my candeling skills and have 6 Polish eggs due on the 7th of March
haha yah, amazing how we can convince ourselves of something!

my other eggs are pretty much see-through. nothing i think. so i definitely am not imagining it in every egg, lol!

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