I think I'm in bit of a rough spot

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Apr 12, 2014
I am trying to hatch chicks from a still air incubator, I've been turning the eggs once a day for eighteen days, the temperature has stayed around 99 & 101. Day 21 came and nothing happened. Here I am at day 40 & still nothing. I know there's something in them because I candled them and there's a black mass inside. I'm very anxious to know if they are going to hatch but also scared I did something. With this in mind this is my very first time trying to hatch eggs on my own. :( Are they just to weak to hatch? Or is it something I did?

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You are on day 40?? I would say this hatch is not going to happen. You can try a float test on them. Fill up a pan of warm water and put the eggs in the water. If they are wiggling, this will indicate life. But at day 40, I would say it is time to give up. Low temps can delay a hatch, but not by 20 or so days.

I don't care for still air incubation as it can cause a lot of hot spots in the incubator. But some people swear by still air incubation. Here is a page of articles from our learning center that might help you in the future with incubation...


Good luck with your adventures. Sorry about this hatch. I hope your next hatch goes as planned.
Okay. Thank you. I kept hoping and waiting that maybe I would see one trying to crack. I will discard these and try again. For my next hatch what incubator would you use? I thought about adding a electric turner to do my turning for me and only mess with opening when I added water.

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