I think i've found the best use of my eggs!


12 Years
Jan 17, 2010
Wittmann, AZ
I have 15 layers right now, and 3 more starting soon. So we are really super overrun with eggs! So I called our local community center that gives out food boxes.

They were so happy to get the eggs! So now i'm giving all of our extra eggs to the community center to go in their food boxes! So now our girls are helping the community too!
Yeah, we've been doing that for years. We used to have ducks that laid and we gave all those to the food bank as well. The only problem we've had is that we ran out of eggs boxes--had to ask that they were returned. Fortunately too we found that there was a gal at the local landfill that collected egg boxes who was glad to keep us supplied. She didn't have chickens, just hated to see them thrown away so salvaged all she could.
I'm over run with eggs alot to-give them to friends but always still have to many-about 6 months ago talked to a friend who new families from his church that have been out of work for awhile so I've been giving them eggs-my community food shelter cant accept any eggs due to the laws here I'm glad yours does and I feel the same way-that my girls contribute to people in need-to me its better than selling them!!!!
That's a great idea too! I was having people bring me cartons & in exchange I would give them one of the cartons back filled with eggs for every 3 they brought me.

I just loaded the extra eggs in a huge box.

Absolutely it's better than selling them! Kudos to all who help their community too with their eggs!
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