I think my ducks hate mirrors?.?.


Mar 22, 2018
So I think my ducks hate mirrors
I put one in the cage and they went crazy so I took that out.
Then I was raising their food and water off the ground and the tin was mirror like and they freaked out again and ran out of the duck kitchen soooooooo
Is it possible I have the only two ducks that hate mirrors or is freak out mode natural for "I like this"?
I know this is an old thread, but for anyone using "ducks" and "mirrors" as a search term...
We have a side yard that's 4' from the side of the house to the fence. I planted some vines to crawl on the inside of the fence, and because they don't get much light, I added some large mirrors I got for free from Craigslist. When I go out in my yard and my ducks don't come quacking and running, I sneak over to the side yard and catch them staring at the mirrors! Not sure if they think they have some buddies on the other side of the glass or just like admiring themselves, but today they had fallen asleep all pointed at the mirror! Tooo cute, I had to share!

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