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i think my hen has gone blind. Is there any hope?

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by Nyxish, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Nyxish

    Nyxish In the Brooder

    Nov 23, 2009
    (please excuse typos)

    The very short version of the story: i am a rediculous sucker and i have a hen, Buffy (now known as BuffyTheMostExpensiveChickenEver) who came down with an impacted ovaduct back in September. During this time, it is my untrained observation that she had a seizure, if not a stroke. After lots of vets and a long round of antibiotics and etc.. Buffy is now up, on her feet and moving around under her own power - it's actually an amazing improvement. The problem is getting her to eat. i've assumed for a while that her little chicken brain was slightly fried by the seizure... but after all the other improvements.. i am beginning to suspect it's not just being addled and strange... She will now walk into walls, trip over things, go in circles... etc. She does not seem to respond to movement, but she is very tuned into sounds and will come to the sound of my voice. Her pupils don't seem to focus - they don't dilate or constrict, even when i shine a light into them.

    She has a vet visit early next month, which may give me actual answers..or as close as one can come with the chicken. Just right now, i'm so discouraged and sad.

    After now 4 months of nursing this bird and keeping her in the house, if i am correct and she's lost her sight or most of it... i.. am feeling like it may be hopeless after all to think she might someday be able to rejoin the flock. i'm just feeling that all this time and money and effort has been wasted, and unless i am literally willing to have housechicken for the rest of her life... i am going to have to put her to sleep anyway.

    Does anyone have a blind or partially blind bird that functions on his or her own? Or.. anything?

  2. ninjagirl

    ninjagirl In the Brooder

    Sep 2, 2012
    It could be neurologic. I've seen it in horses. Sad.
  3. linzey

    linzey Hatching

    Aug 16, 2013

    We have exactly the same it appears our hen Joan has also gone blind about a week to 10 days ago.
    She had managed to pretend she wasn't too bad so she had been left alone to the others.
    She can only find the water when we show her and very wobbly on her feet.
    Over the last few days the other hens have cottoned on and a being very cruel.
    We have had to separate her to he own space still with in the run.
    We have tried a few times to integrate again but they are just picking on her.

    We have made the decision the kindest thing is to have her put to sleep.

    We think this is best as no life for her.

    Hope this helps

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