I think one of my new hatchings is dieing


In the Brooder
8 Years
Feb 15, 2011
poor little thing won't stand up and keeps it's wings extended ... is this a sign? I expected one of the older ones to die , they are all thriving .. so I'm a little bummed one of the new batch seems not to be ok . I put the baby in with the older chicks who all seemed interested but very gentle .. the baby of course crawled under my fat naked rumped buff .

I took it back to the newborn box and brought my fat girl .. the others constantly pecked at my big fatty who is my fav so I of course saved her ... she didn't seem to notice because she was hoggin it in the food bowl the whole time

is that the norm ? Older chicks are just inquisitive and young chicks peck ? Are they on the attack ? I thought the big ones would be pecking

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