I think she is dying...

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    There is a foul smell coming from her now. Yesterday I tube fed, but weird...her crop didn't fill up. Can they stop working? She is just boney. I didn't realize how thin she was until I started handling her...it makes me so sad. I'll bathe her again this morning. I believe I am going to lose her. She is just a sweetie too. Symptoms: head drooping/tail drooping. Now not standing. White near vent. Have bathed her three times. Did check up her vent for an egg but didn't feel anything. She had something similar before...but pulled out of it with the tube feeding. Yikes...I'm really scared this time.
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    Sorry your hen is sick. Hope she pulls through [​IMG]
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    Thank you! As a last ditch effort, I took a 125 mg Clavamox that I had left over from a sick cat...put the pill in about two cups of warm water with some flax oil, yogurt and vitamin powder for chickens...gave her two ounces. I was able to feel her crop. Seems like a lot of infection in her. Fingers crossed and hope she pulls through too.
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    She died at four this afternoon. I'm a mess. How can one love and care about a chicken so much...poop.
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    Sorry for your loss. [​IMG]

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    Thank you Kathy. You actually saved her before. I learned how to tube feed from you. So she had several more months...but I was unable to pull her through this time. I can't get my darn tears to stop. Wow...I do have one hen left. Not sure how she will make out. Thelma and Louise were pretty close. Oh dear...Deep breathe. Thanks again....
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    My condolences on the passing of Thelma. You saved her twice,the first time when she and her sister/flock mate were abandoned,and the second time by caring enough to learn how to tube feed and administer appropriate meds to pull her through illness.

    I believe it was fate for you to become her keeper,so that she would be in the hands of a loving person such as yourself. I believe you were chosen for this task and even though it was a heartbreaking one,take comfort in the fact that you showed her love,the kind of love a human can give an innocent animal,for this is a special kind of love one that forges a bond that goes beyond this life and into the next. Only those that have the kindest hearts and a pure love for animals that goes beyond their soul, are chosen for this difficult journey,you have been one of the chosen,it was a gift.

    Thelma may not be here,but she carries a piece of your love with her now and forever. Remember her with smiles,remember her beautiful eyes and the lovely sounds she made for only you. Remember that you were chosen to take this journey with her,and above all know that she knew you loved her.

    The world today has gained one more chicken angel to look after all the rest. Sweet dreams,sweet Thelma until you and your mom meet again.
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    Thank you Ten Chicks for writing me such a beautiful e-mail. I try so hard to understand life... If you can suggest any books etc that would help me with life...I am certainly open. I want to be at peace with life...and death...but I really have a hard time. It is like this hen opened up the tear flood gates. Yesterday I just cried and cried...for four hours. I had to put in a meditation to stop crying. Again this morning...I am typing and crying! It is almost like all that I’ve been ‘keeping inside’ is flooding out...which is perhaps Thelma's gift to me...to heal some stuff. Good I suppose, but I wish I could let my tears flow when they are suppose too! It would be a lot healthier on my body and spirit. I got the feeling that Louise is going to miss her flock mate. They always cuddled in the Coop and were never far from each other. Life and death. I don’t know what it is all about some days. Maybe Thelma is trying to help me look at what matters... My health eh. Thanks for listening and writing...Blessings, Shelly
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    Ok...so need to share. When my father in law died...I saw an eagle the next day (quite rare around here) My Aunt Janet died, the next day saw an eagle (weird I thought) Auntie Lucie passed over...next day I saw an eagle...(wow stage) Well...I woke up this morning still very emotional about Thelma dying. Went out on my back deck...and look up...there is an eagle! He/she flew right over my house! So I went inside to the other patio door and grabbed my camera...and it went over the trees and then turned around and flew right above me! (I know chicken people wouldn't be so fond of seeing an eagle) But I just had to share as I know that Thelma is ok...
    Here is a photo!
    And because I was seeing so many eagles...this is the painting I did.

    I have brought Louise inside. Wanted to check her out. She is moving her tail up and down...and sometimes extending her neck like she is yawning. Any ideas what is going on with her?

    Thanks everyone!

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    Intense stories! [​IMG]

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