I think this chick is half Silkie, but I'm not sure...


12 Years
Nov 14, 2010
I don't have a picture right now, so I'll describe him as best I can.
His mother is a Barred Rock, so that must be where his stripes come from. But he's paler than her. For weeks, he was also smaller than his sister, who's less than a day older than him. (They're about a month old now.) He has tiny feathers on his legs as well. All these things make me wonder if his father is my bantam White Silkie rooster. The only other rooster I have is a Black Sex Link, so he couldn't have given this chick feathered legs. My Silkie has a very upright stance and stands up very tall--which is quite a feat, considering how small he is--and this chick does too. My other rooster doesn't.
He does look a lot more Barred Rock-ish like his mother though. His feathers aren't shaggy, and he has a single comb.
What do you think?
Well if you are sure the mom is the barred rock then his dad would have to be the silkie. Feathered feet/legs is a dominant trait. If you are still trying to figure out sex- when barred rocks are lighter in color that inicates male, but since we know it is a cross that might be true now, would have to see a pic. And him having a strait comb would make since, if his mom was a barred rock, as they have a single comb. So silkie would be dad.Unless your barred rock, isnt a barred rock and a marans. Then if i am not mistaken even if the she dosent have feathered legs she could still have the gene in her somewhere, this is just if she is indeed a marans and not a barred rock. It is all ifs and guesses without pics. If possibel i would like to see pics of the mom and the chick
Sounds like you have a silkie black sex link!

Does he have 5 toes? or a crest at all? I'd love to see a pic when you can get one up!
Sorry I wasn't able to get to you for so long! My computer was having problems with this website.
I've confirmed that little Penguin is half Silkie. The feathers on his legs are getting longer, and he resembles my Silkie rooster more every day.

Here's an old picture of him (he's the chick on the right) :

Here's a recent picture of him:
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