I thought I knew but maybe I didn't.. grrr. Please make me understand

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    Feb 9, 2012
    If I have my thermometers exactly like chookschick has hers in her cheat sheet. What should the temp be. https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/incubation-cheat-sheet (only with no eggs yet)

    my temp is 101.5. right now with no eggs. Its holding steady at that temp, and I don't want to change it until I'm certain I know what i'm doing this time. This level I would assume it will be lower than the top of the egg. I would assume its about the same height as the Middle of the egg. STILL AIR little giant. take note in my still air my set up likes exactly like chookchicks same thermometers just no eggs yet.

    OK my second LG has no turner.... where just above the middle of the egg would be the temp is right around 101. I'm using the thermometer in chookchicks posting.. In This incubator without a turner.. It would be at a height..Umm . Lets say if there was no sucktion cup on the thermometer. It is at a height where if Two eggs were touching each other..and you were to lay the thermometer where to two eggs touch. Like in the valley where the to eggs come together.... It seems lower than if i were to lay a piece of cardboard on top of the eggs and put the thermometer on it...or is that what I should be aiming for. Lay a piece of cardboard on top the eggs and put the therm on it.

    So the correct temp for a thermometer set up like the cheat sheet in a still air LG bator --im at 101.5

    and. one set up in a still air incubator with no turner.. and at what height.. I have no idea how big my eggs are going to be. Im going off large store bought eggs.
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    In a still air the temps should be measured at the top of the eggs (101-102) which makes for optimal temps in the centre of the egg itself.
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