I thought my chickens were gonna eat me!


9 Years
Feb 12, 2010
Central Valley, California
Yesterday, when I went in their pen to collect eggs, I slipped on the only muddy patch left in there and fell flat on my butt.
All the chickens came running like I had just scattered treats for them! I was surrounded by hungry beaks.
I have health problems that make it almost impossible for me to regain my feet if I fall. I was alone, hubby gone for two days, no neighbors.
And here I was on the ground, pushing chickens outta my way, trying to struggle to my feet in the mud. I finally made it, and boy did they look disappointed! As soon as I was back on my feet they all wandered off.
Lotta help they were!

I'm soooo sorry but this just cracked me up when I read it!
I even had to read it to my husband! I am scared this is going to happen to me one day. I hope your ok though.........

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