I thought this would be easy - but it's not!

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7 Years
Jul 4, 2012
I started just irresponsibly and quickly fell in love with these awesome little creatures.

I had 12 hens and 2 roos.

I am down to 9 hens and two roos. Two hens were the victim of hawks and one died within 3 days of noticing something was wrong with her.

Now - I notice another hen is sick with a runny nose and staying away from the rest of the flock. Today is the first day I noticed her being sick at all.

She's puffed up - sitting on my bed. Her nostrils look dirty and runny - but not slimy. And oh my god she just sneezed and scared the crap out of me - it was almost a crow!!!!

I have D-10 and Electrolites. I don't know how much of the D-10 to put in a gallon.

What is happening with these birds getting sick and how can I prevent it from happening.

I recently took in a rescued turkey - related issues? He does hang out with the chickens but doesn't sleep in the same coop.
Ahhh I found a thread on BYC by searching google which led me to this.


YES! So from the company themselves - 1tbls per gallon for 800 mg.

So lil red - the girl who is in the house is feeling okay in here it seems - she's eating some granola and she drank a ton of water with anitibiotics in it. Yayyyy!!!!!

Should I put her back out in the coop in a cage so she doesn't get stressed - or should I keep her away from the other girls and boys all together?

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