I took a nap...


11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
I was maybe sleeping for 2 hours and then I heard my babies (chicks that is) screaming. I got up thinking something was wrong. Maybe a cat got one or something...

I get to them and they are ALL fine and I ask them what is the matter and they were all quiet! Not a chirp out of them for awhile.

It was like they just needed to hear my voice. My DH was like that is ridiculous! He was trying to watch TV and they weren't quieting down for him and all I say is 4 words and silence. LOL

Love this Momma roll!
:)Boy mine get louder if I talk to them. They are in their new home as of Easter weekend and when it's feeding time they are crowded at the door and waiting!

2 Acres, 17 chicks, 1 duck, 1 boxer, 5 boxer/german shepard pups, 2 cockatiels, 3 cats and 4 goldfish. Got my hands full!
WOW you do have your hands full. Mine are full but I don't generally realize it. Everyone else is like wow your plate is full but i see it only has half full plently of room to grow!

I am sure when my babies are a little bigger they will be calling for me. Right now I soothe them. LOL

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