I"ve got a lost hen too - FOUND HER- Post 4


10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
azalia, indiana
One of my polish girls didn't come in from free ranging last night. DD & I both had activities and didn't get home until after 8PM. Did our headcount and SilverBelle was missing. She has wandered off with her sister before, getting spooked, but she usually realizes she's lost and just sits down 'till I come find her (sister keeps going, silly gal!) I looked for 1 1/2 hours, calling for her, and no response.

This AM I'd hoped she'd be at the coop door when I came to let them out for the morning, but no
She's our special needs girl because her back is twisted a little to one side, a birth defect I guess, so we dote a little on her. I told DD that we were lucky to get her because at other homes she might have been culled for the deformity, we get to keep her and give her a good life.

So, if you feel like it, say a few prayers that SilverBelle comes home today.
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Oh, I'm saying my prayers for your special girl. I had my first MIA hen the other nite, she was roosting on the fence outside the coop (she couldn't get in because of the bird netting) Any chance your girl did the same?
No real chance of that. I looked all around last night and pretty good again this AM. Plus she's all white so she really would stand out.
When I got home from work this afternoon I looked all out in the fields around our property and walked the road too. As I came up through a neigbor's yard, I saw her in a pile of leaves, just beside the road! YIPPEE! She was probably under some vehicles in their drive and came out into the sun today to sit.

Lucky for me, this gal usually does stop and sit when she's lost. Then waits to be found. I was worried though that a predator might have found her in the night.

She got some special hugs and a good looking over - all is great!
Happy for you that you found your special girl. I have a brother & sister - gold laced hamburgs - with deformities (both have humpbacks) so I understand *special birds*.
So glad you found your girl! What a pretty name- SilverBelle... I may use that someday if you don't mind.

Interesting how she sits and waits when she gets lost, she must have a lot of faith in you that you'll always come find her!

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