I WANT EGGS!!!!!!!


7 Years
I have a flock of nine hens. My chicken math [5-1+3(turned into 5)=9. So I'd think that I'd get more than ONE egg per day. Wrong. I got my 5 new ones (golden comets) about 17 days ago, and after that, I didn't get an egg until this Friday. I got 2. But now, I'm only getting one per day. The golden comets were chicks back in Easter this year. They were from our local Tractor Supply, ans I got them from a friend. They should be laying. I'm getting frustrated. What's the problem?

Den in Penn

8 Years
Dec 15, 2011
SE Pa.
Besides the stress of moving, which can take a few weeks to get over. There is the stress of blending two flocks, again may take some time. Then add in that the days are shorter. Plus the GCs are pullets and can take breaks while learning how to lay. If the older ones are near 18 months they may be molting. Time and patience is in order.

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