I want geese

I will next year, sorry.
My momma goose is a momma as of today, She has 4 babys and 4 eggs left to hatch.
Next year I will sell some of her eggs but this year she suprised me when she went broody on her hidden nest, And I didnt have the heart to take them away after she went to all that trouble.

I hope you find what you want.
Yes. I can't find goslings, or even geese for that matter. I can get some toulouse/ebden mix from a farm. But I need as quiet and as frienly of geese as I can get. I really love the sebastobol. They cost an arm and a leg. Maybe I'll get lucky.
My mature embdems are fairly quiet and friendly. Thy do the soft huh,huh,huh, thing a lot, but it is in soft tones. The loud blasts are usually only when they get separated or are fighting.

If you were closer, I have some goslings of various breeds. And still get a few eggs.

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