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  1. Ok so I work on a farm and we just got 10 new baby chicks they're about a week old now and are so cute [​IMG] . My boss told me today that I should start holding each one everyday for about 2 min each. I thought that it wasn't gonna be hard and i woud enjoy it but its kinda difficult for me. The babys run to the other side of the tub just outta reach and I can't ever remeber which one I aready held. Will that get them use to human contact or what? Cause I want them to start likeing me..is there anything else I can do to make them look at me like a mom? PLEASE HELP! THANK YOU!
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    Try not to move your hands too fast- the little things get more scared when you are too quick.

    If you hold nice and still and offer little treats (my chicks like very tiny pieces of cheddar cheese, other people like to give them bits of hard boiled eggs) they should come over out of curiosity. The boldest ones will quickly learn to run up to your fingers and grab a treat, and then the shy ones will see them do it too. After a day or two of just the treats, it should get easier to pick them up because they'll come running over to get their treat and then you can slowly pick them up and make them feel safe in your hands.

    Don't get too frustrated- they are scared and so you need to convince them that you are gentle and that you have tasty treats for them. Same like their mom would have!

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    Yes, with large groups of chicks, offerings of goodies are key to them liking you. Now if they like to be held though... that depends on the bird, but more handling and attention is key. What breeds did you get? Good luck!
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    I agree, treats are the way to get them to come to you. MTchick is correct. The bold ones will push their way through. I have a New Hampshire Red who thinks the treats are all hers! At just 2 weeks old she is also growing much faster. Very sweet little chick. When they see me coming, they immediately run to see if I have anything in hand. I just drop my hand down at their level and they come running!
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    I agree, boil up some eggs and shered them very small and put you hand in there with the treat, watch out in a few days you hand may not be safe. They are little piggies and will come to you easily after that. I usually pick them up and talk softly to them for a few seconds and then put them back.
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    are they meat chickens or layers?
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    I think a good way to have them like you is visual, let them see you often. I spent way too many hours a day watching my chicks. When they were large enough to jump to the top of the brooder edge (I always had a screen on it otherwise) there were several that always wanted to be close to 'Mamma'. After they were full grown, the several still want to be close to 'Momma' and became lap chickens. But they all come running when they see me.

    I never picked them up and held them, I guess I was afraid to hurt them, but commonly let them peck at my hand. Holding them seems like a good idea, once they trust you. Some may never want to be held.

    Since chickens have different personalities your results may vary.

    As far as treats, do you want them to think you are only a food source?
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    Try being around them alot! I sat and watched my chicks for hours when they were little. Sometimes I'd get right in the brooder box with them and just get them used to me. Slow movement is the best and they do like to snuggle when they get used to it. Treats work and talking to them or this sounds silly, but I would sing to them whenever I was cleaning their box or feeding them etc.!!![​IMG]
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    Some of my chicks don't like to be picked up very much, but if I hold my hand down to them with my fingers curled up a little bit, and move slow, they will let me rub their tummies. They seem to like it a lot. They jump up on my lap when I kneel down next to them, and sit on my feet and untie my shoes. I talk to them too, and they always make me laugh.
  10. Quote:They are goin to be layer chickens. If they were goin to be meat chickens I wouldn't want to get attached like that. :eek:

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