I want to hatch in the Classroom - Am I crazy?


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I want to hatch eggs in the preschool classroom. I have been looking into incubators that will not break our budget and have found tabletop ones like this one .

Is this a recipe for heartache? Is there something else that would be better but not pricey?
Sorry I don't know anything about store bought bators but we have had great hatch rates with our homemade one. Is this something the class might be able to do as a project before hatching? There are a lot of incubator instructions on BYC. Just a suggestion
I am usually pretty DIY, but knowing nothing about hatching eggs and, well, I'm nervous from start to finish! If someone says, "this is the best option for your price range" then that is probably what I'll do.

My price range? About $50... or less.
I would start by researching the incubator pages and if you feel it's not for you then I would buy what you think is best. Just remember, heat, humidity and turning are the most important things! I wish you luck!
I had a teacher come and get eggs from me and hatched eggs in her classroom with 2 incubators. She did one with bantam eggs and one with standard eggs. She owned 2 Hovabators. If you can afford one of those then I would try one of them with an egg turner. If the small one is the only possible way I would suggest you try your first hatching at home and see what happens. That way only you are disapointed and not the children. Good Luck.

P.S. the teacher that hatched eggs from me has kindergarden and she said it was great to see the children put the egg and the chicks together with the chicken they get at Wal-mart.They were trully amazed!
JMO, It doesn't matter what incubator you use, there are a lot of variables involved hatching eggs. It's all a crap shoot. You can have the most expensive incubator known to mankind and something can still go wrong. If your budget is short, i'd give this one a whirl. Good Luck,
If you can't afford a reliable one, post a notice at your local farm store or on Craigslist to see if someone would lend you one.

My school also has a lot of parent volunteers, and you might find someone willing to build one for you.
I haven't heard a lot of good things about those tiny ones. I recommend the little Giant Incubator. We put our own eggs in ours the first time we hatched and 9 our of 12 hatched. They cost $40 at feed stores/ TSC. However if you really don't want the big bulky Little Giant bator i don't see how trying with the little kids would hurt anything. I know the First graders here had to try 3 times before something finally hatched this year.
When I was teaching in the schools a couple years ago, the kindergarten teacher would hatch eggs. This was when I knew next to nothing about incubators, hatching, etc...... (as compared to now which isn't much more HA) . I have no idea what kind of incubator she had, I know there was no egg turner, she would do it herself. I think she was going into school on the week-ends to turn them. She would usually get a few to hatch. One year she didn't, she went into the feed store and bought a couple chicks and stuck them in the incubator and told the kids they hatched.

After reading on here all the things that need to be considered, adjusted, and watched, I am surprised she hatched any at all.

I think that is an activity that would stay with the kids for a long time, it would make a big impression. It also allows itself for so many learning activities across the board in all subjects.

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