I want to SCREAM, I want to cry!!


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Jul 14, 2009
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I have been having some trouble with my 2yr old(in Nov.) female Chihuahua. She's been fully housetrained since she was about 4 months old but recently has been having 'accidents'. she has had 3 so far and ALL three have been on my bed! She's not sick, acts healthy, goes potty regularly throughout the day all the way up until bedtime. I just don't understand what the heck is going on and why she's doing this.

We moved back into my fathers house a few months ago so that I would have some extra help with my sick grandmother. Izzy(the pup) has been fine, it took her a bit to adjust to living with another, Large, dog but they get along great now. she gets all kinds of attention from everyone here too. I have always given her a treat at bedtime and she's still getting those too. not much has changed in her life but the house.

I'd just love any help or input from anyone that's had something like this happen with their dog before, im going NUTS!! I literally JUST washed every last stitch of my bedding and made my bed tonight... gave her her treat and somehow, maybe when i was shutting the light off?? she managed to soak through FOUR heavy blankets and the sheets.... she weighs 6lbs, i dont even know how she can hold that much pee!!

please help
hi ya Bleenie

so sorry to hear about your wee doggy

it could be various reasons, medical being one,but i did finds this

good read here,may shed some light on the situation

Health and happiness
Firstly, if such a little dog peed that much then she must have had a very full bladder, do you not take her out for a pee before bedtime? I had a similar problem with my dog, she would pee on the bed if the duvet was back off the bed and it would always be on my husbands side of the bed, I realised that as he slept naked she could smell certain smells on the sheet ( sorry that sounds gross but its how it was!) Since I no longer have a husband she hasn't done it again! I thought at first she was making her mark as if to say that the bed was hers, this could be what your little dog is doing, does she spend the night on the bed?
Sometimes incontinence happens in spayed female dogs and addressing hormones can fix the issue. I don't know if that is the case here or not.
My 7 year old Chihuahua started having frequent "accidents" and at first the vet said he was just naught, and he may be a bit. But then he started losing weight and drinking a lot and more tests revealed he is diabetic. Now giving him insulin and very frequent trips outside is helping, but it will likely always be a bit of an issue while he's still around.
Take your dog outside every night before bed, and/or keep her out of your bedroom or in a kennel. That way she cannot wet your bed.

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