I was interviewed by the paper today, here's the story!!!

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Jul 17, 2010

thanks to Dolce for holding still... for once in her little chicken LIFE!

Note - Ron Jones, head of the licensing commission, is coming over tomorrow!! I'm hoping that my fiance, myself, and our 3 little chickens can persuade him to change the laws for the entire city. I've never felt so... significant in my entire life!
Oh, heck yes was I nervous! I mean, my fiance is running for city council right now, and the election is in 10 days. We recently moved into our house, and spent the time and cash to build a coop. Kind of a big deal for us! The first thing the reporter said was "OK, I'm just gonna tape-record you. You're a pretty fast talker" LOL!

I just really, really love my chickens. Besides the eggs they lay.... I'm an animal person, and these birds, esp. my Polish, are such wonderful little pets.
My argument is, a crime is something that YOU do that affects someone ELSE negatively. It shouldn't be a crime to keep pet birds outside. It shouldn't be a crime to have access to healthy, NON factory-farm eggs. I shouldn't have to settle for eggs full of hormones.

The good news is, it's only a bylaw. The max. fine is $5000 (still, a lot). But at least we have a chance!
Good article! And, I think it's nuts that you can have 80 pigeons, but no chickens! I'd rather have a few hens than even 1 pigeon.
Good luck!
Yeah.. that makes no sense.. you can have 80 pigeons..but no chickens? Dumb...
Great job! I hope it gets through to the people who matter.

I'm allowed to have pigeons too. State law regards them as pets if they are banded. No other livestock including poultry and fur-bearers.
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