I was just checking the nest boxes.....


11 Years
Jun 3, 2008
upper peninsula
when the door shut behind me. I wasnt worried because my DH had put a fail-safe on the door. SSOOoo, I checked the nest boxes then turned to open the door. It wouldnt open. I pushed, and pushed, and jiggled. NOTHING. I kicked at it (several times). still NOTHING. I stepped back and took a deep breath, thank heavens I cleaned the coop yesterday. I sat down and thought about it.
DH was on the couch on the phone when I went out to let the chickens out and check the nest boxes......Dinner is cooking on the stove. He'll see me, I will wave my arm out the pop door. So I wave and wave.......NOTHING. Ok, dinner will start burning and then he will come looking for me. I think I waited ten minutes when it occured to me ........we dont have anything else for dinner, I cant let it burn. I wave some more and I hear.....cluck, cluck. ROO! ROO! Here roo, come here baby, com here big boy. At least I am not alone anymore. ROO comes over and talks to me. As I stare at him thru the pop door, ROO surprisingly crows three times then stares at me for a minute finally he walks away. Was that heard in the house I wonder? I wave my arms some more out of the pop door. NOTHING......I look at the pop door, CAN I FIT? What choice do I have. He is still sitting on the couch watching tv, probably. I lay down on my side with my feet aimed for door. I slide my feet out, so far so good, I slide my hips and butt out, Man that hole looks awful small.. I have my legs hanging out, my hips are over the threshold. Will I FIT? I slide down further.....stop. OK if I can go this far then if I try it from the other direction and fit then I should be able to fit thru, right? I pull everything in and sit up. Looking at the door I lay down again, this time facing it. I raise my arms over my head and start to slid thru the door. OK, arms out, head out (YAY), shoulders out........little further, little further. OK, I think I am stuck. OOOOOOHHH, panic starts, why, I dont know. Wait a minute, I think, I get mammograms every year, I can take a little squeeze. SO I push myself this way and that.......WHOOPPPEEEEE,
I am thru. March up to house, shut food off. Dinner is ok. HMMM husband is not where I leeeft him. HON??? There he is....."Where were you"?? Oh....out in the garage eh?
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LOL, paintedmeadows, you'd be surprised at what you could make them do if you had to.
Bockbockbock, this stuff happens to me too. But I am glad I got out, WITHOUT being pecked.
I wonder how long it would have been before he came looking for me, lol.

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. My husband said if it were me, he probably would have seen me waving but not saved me. He would rather watch me try and squeeze through the door just for entertainment purposes, lol.
Oh, my!! Thanks for the laugh. My DS who is 6 went out to get the eggs, and the door shut behind him and the latch, slid just enough to lock him in. But, the bad part for him was that we didn't have any pop doors at the time. The poor kid was locked in the coop for probably 10 minutes, before I realized he hadn't come back in and I couldn't see him in the backyard. He was hysterical. When I got to the coop, he was crying so hard. The poor little guy. I am really glad that you got out ok!!
I can relate to your story. The sad part it has happened to me not once but twice. The funny part was the look on my chickens faces. I just know they were thinking I finally lost my mind. Now, I figured out a way to open the door without going through the door. If it happens again, I am ready.

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