I was looking up some things on the net and foun this..

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    The idea of removable dropping boards is not new and has been practiced for decades, although it has fallen from favor here in the US. I added them in my little coop. Ditto the proximity of nests to roosts. Again an old idea - I've seen it in books a hundred years old and use it in my shelter, too.

    I dont say these things to brag or sound pompous. It is about learning good ideas that work. These coops youve shown really are nice and the designers obviously knew what they were doing. With a little study, you can probably incorporate then into your own chicken work.

    I know Im saving some of the pics to my files, so thanks for sharing!
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    Not saying they were new, and I too have seen them before. I just thought that there were some nice attention to detail on some of the coops that others who are making thier own could work into the design. I really like the way they hinge the roof and allow the whole roof to pivot, while keeping the roofing intact. [​IMG]

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