I was pushed!

rarely bored

9 Years
Jan 22, 2011
Central California
So there I was, happily eavesdropping away in some thread about hatching fluffy butts, when someone posted something about a brinsea incubator being on sale. Hmmm, thought I, that would be a great way to get new chickies, teach the boys something beyond bionicles, and make me get off the fence about producing more food. So I researched the incubator, decided it would be perfect for a clueless hatcher like myself and began to plot how to convince my dh to order one. About the time the convincing was done, the incubator was sold out.
Christmas money came, Christmas money went... The horses DID need that gate into the pasture! Sigh,
no incubator appeared to be in the future. Then one day my dear hubby discovered the e-bay fairies had dumped enough money in his paypal account to buy an incubator!!
and, he did. So, I'm thinking what is the point of eavesdropping on other people's hatches if I have my own incubator and my own questions and my own issues... I'm sure I'll have issues...
It is all Brinsea's fault that I am here. Like, I really needed another addiction!

Nice to meet you all!


9 Years
May 24, 2010
Napa, CA
A great big Welcome from Napa :welcomeand I am so close to doing some hatching once I get it started DH will jump in but until then plug your ears!


Dances with Chickens
10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
Lakeport, Ca.
Welcome to the addiction! I have tried to stop, even sold my incubators to try to make myself stop, but keep coming back (It got worse when I learned how to build my own incubator). But my last incubator went out Mid hatch and I lost 9 duck eggs and 5 goose eggs, which made me really really mad, so I quit all together. Then last week I wondered on Ebay, and found myself "Unconciously" bidding on an Rcom incubator, AND WON! Hubby just laughed when I told him, and said he was getting ready to buy me one behind my back because I was being stubborn. So then today I of course had to buy some eggs. So it begins......again... LOL

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