I was told....

I'd vote boy on the two barred ones, the red is iffier, but I'd vote possible boy right now.
You didn't say how old they were...I'm thinking with that much comb at, what 8 to 10 weeks? the barreds are roos and I think the buff a roo also.
Hybrids of Hybrids can be a bit trickier as I have had some of those mature really quickly (one layed at 13 weeks!)...but that much comb usually means roo.
Lady of McCamley
Im not really sure on any of them... Haha.. My luck i just had 1/2 dozen roos dumped in my lap.. But they are all doing well i suppose ill wait it out and see :/
I'm pretty sure that all of them (possibly excluding the Buff Orpington) are roosters, as that is a lot of comb. Your barred ones are either Barred Plymouth Rock/Wyandotte mixes, or Dominiques. Your buff bird looks like a Buff Orpington.
getting more and more votes as to they are all roos..... Im still crossing my fingers that none crow. lol I had a couple friends (fellow chicken keepers) come and check them out and they are agreeing with you all... Roos. The buffs are giving them second thoughts though as in they may be pullets.... soooooooooooooo I guess ill be doing the magic chicken dance every night till i know for sure (haha)

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