i work in farm store what is this


5 Years
Apr 18, 2014
Sorry forgot this it looked like poop so i clean and pulled it. It is coming out but i stopped cause it was attached and comming out of anal it flexed it out farther. It was bloody also chick is two days old its moving but i cant figure it out like what is it
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Welcome to BYC!

Kelsie X2. Looks like a ruptured or unabsorbed yolk sac. I would follow the link that Kelsie has provided to the emergency section here on BYC for more help. I the mean time, he will need more heat than the others. Get him in his own small brooder with heat around 98 to 100 degrees. This may help him reabsorb the sac, but many times babies like this don't survive.

Good luck with the little guy and welcome to our flock!

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