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Discussion in 'Quail' started by RaynBO, Mar 1, 2013.

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    Mar 1, 2013
    [​IMG] I have several quail. (I counted 28). I am not sure what kind they are. they were given to me because I mentioned I love Quail.
    I was housing them in the same place A screened pen 4 ft high 8 feet long and 5 ft wide. Its a great cage works well . I did build a 2nd pen of same size.
    Since I got them I have been to this site a million times. I now know I have one female bobwhite which I put in her own cage. this leaves me with the rest. I do not know what the are. .
    I have collected the eggs (There are 3 different sizes of eggs) and put them in the incubator. most of the eggs that are the same size hatch at 17-18 days. the really big eggs don't hatch and the white eggs do not hatch at all..
    I have now 44 babies[​IMG] hatched a week apart. I am leaving the big eggs in longer and one actually hatched. 6 days after the the 17-18 days .
    After I have waited 35 days I cracked open some of the unhatched eggs and many of them had what looked like full term babies inside but were not alive. and various stages of development. so again I do not know the breeds or types.

    thanks to this site.I have a few I know what they are. learning the differences between the singers and dancers I think the singers are the boys and the dancers are the girls. but some are confusing in behavior.

    In an nut egg shell .
    *I would like help identifying the birds breeds/ types and their sexes.
    * what the eggs are how long to incubate
    * Should they be separated into separate cages based on breed or type.
    *can the bobwhite live with the rest?
    * will they interbreed ?
    Right now they all get along.
    I Had one aggressive bird that I moved into a separate cage and then added a few birds to keep it company. ( He was a male.)
    If I were to post clear pictures would anyone be able to help me identify these things with the birds and the eggs.

    Thank you for Reading.
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    Nov 4, 2012
    Springfield, Tn
    Post some pictures. I know some of the different species of wild quail and can recognize a Tn red quail (domesticated) so may be able to help there. Normally, they are dimorphic or dichromatic (different sexually by color, features, etc) so if we can get a species we can figure out the sexes. There are several quail people on here so you can find one of the thread and repost your thread with pics and they should knock it out. This option would be your best bet since I didn't know there was button quail til I saw it on here lol

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