IB and treatment?? HELP!!!!


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Apr 25, 2008
I am thinking that maybe my chickens have IB. If they do how do I treat it? Can I still eat the eggs? should I just cull them all and if I do can I still eat them? Do I need to clean the entire coop and what do I do with it? I usually compost all of the straw from the coop, we use the deep bed system.
Some of them cough and sneeze and one hen was making a funny noise today when she was cackling. Some of the eggs are severely wrinkled, they laying has just about stopped. I am planning on ordering more chicks soon and I don't want them to get it too.
Thanks in advance!
In humans IB stands for Irritable Bowel syndrome. I've not heard of the same with chickens, usually bowel problems in chicken have an origin in diet, parasites or disease. It would also be helpful if you would go to the sticky at the top of this thread and give us more information regarding their condition.

Sounds like it could be IB, but I would have a necropsy done to verify that before culling the flock. If egg production is important, then culling would probably be best if it is indeed IB. It can be very bad for chicks, so see if you can get them vaccinated, or hold off getting them until this is figured out. No treatment for IB as far as I can find, but antibiotics are useful to keep them from secondary problems. I would get on google for more info, since the posts here have largely been purged.

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