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11 Years
Sep 30, 2008
Has anybody here used this company( Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms, Inc). I see them advertising at the top of this page. I see they are in Texas. I am one of those guys who will spend his money as close to the house as possible. Just looking for some feedback on the company. Thanks in advance. I am really wanting to buy pullets closer to home but this is the closest one I have found so far.
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I've used them twice. First time, bought 24 chickens, 4 geese, and 10 turkeys. Second time, bought 14 chickens. Both times, chicks arrived very healthy. Altogether, we only lost one chick due to shipping.
I ordered a assortment of fryers from them in the spring and they were all very healthy would not hesitate to order from them again.
awesome place!! got 22 chicks and 2 ducklings from them, all arrived safe and sound and very healthy!! dug right into their feed and grogel, right out of the box! i ordered mostly sexed birds and all of them ended up being what I ordered. the birds are also VERY pretty and my silkies are shaping up to be SQ.
I have 2 week old ducklings and keets from Ideal. I am in central Mississippi and they arrived the next day. All 25 babies were in great shape. I lost 2 ducks over the first few days. I have never raised baby ducks before so it was my fault. However, I called Ideal after the first one and they were a great help. I also recommend the gro-gel for when you first get your babies.
I will definately order from them again.

I am looking at leghorns from them. Pullets. Stupid question coming, ready for it? Pullets, are they both male and female or are they just female? I am amazed you can get 15 of them for $33
I have not bought directly but my feed store uses them and I have bought several chicks through them.
I even had some special ordered as it was cheaper since the feed store was ordering their regulars and I didn;t have to order a bunch of chicks to get what I wanted.
All mine are healthy.
pullets are female chickens under a year old, when you order pullets from a hatchery, you're getting female baby chicks. sexing is 90% accurate, but i got all females when i asked for them
I hear overwhelming good things about them. Most feed stores in Texas seem to get their chicks from them. My current chicks are from Ideal. They have promptly answered every email I've sent to them, which is, of course, wonderful. Also, when I picked some chicks out of an assorted bantam bin in TSC and discovered the chickens were not bantams, TSC told me I must be mistaken. I contacted Ideal, told them the location of my TSC and the date I got the chicks, and they looked up the order and emailed me that the TSC had not, in fact, ordered bantams for that week. I took this email to TSC and they very graciously gave me a refund. I certainly only have good things to say about Ideal.
If you are looking at their white leghorns, try the Ideal 236. It is a mix of some kind that they have. We had several of the leghorns and just one 236. Needless to say I couldn't stand the flightiness of the ones and gave all but one true leghorn and one 236 away. The 236 is much more socialble. Talk about laying machines.

They are located in Cameron which is just south of Waco. I called them Tuesday and placed an order. I must have hit it just right as I had the chicks Wednesday morning. All happy and healthy.

Their stuff is hatchery stock and not show stock, but I haven't needed anything show quality so I am happy.

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