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    They have a huge selection more breeds than most [​IMG]

    I have delt with ideal for a few years! (I have also delt with other hatcheries) I think if something happens as long as they try & fix it I will go back to them!

    They have a wonderful custumer service deptment & anything they can do so you are satisfied (that is reasonable) they will do credit resend!

    I had more chickens coming last week & I canceled them because we have snow!!! & I am sure they would have credit me
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    they always call me if something "changes" ,, they had a BO problem last month, and i got black sex links instead, and they were gonna put the difference back on my card,, i was like,,, geesh, cant ya just take it off my next order,, there was no problem, this month i got my BO's early, they called and asked if it was allright,, i was like,,, WELL YA ,, lol
  3. I've had the same observation as promisedlandfarm - my chicks from there have never been as healthy looking or active as from MM. Even as adults they act duller and some are plain strange looking. They also don't have as good a sexing record as MM (I've never received a roo when ordering pullets from them). When ordering from Ideal, I can count on getting at least 2 or 3 per 25. However, does that mean I'll never order from them again? Nah. Ordering baby chicks is the luck of the draw. Sometimes you get a few duds. Good luck - whatever you decide to do.
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    We got our chicks today. They all seem healthy, of course they are our first chicks so I dont have much to go on.

    When you get sex-links, because they are sex-links is the sexing of the chick always correct?
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    Quote:Unless there's a complete idiot sorting out the orders at the hatchery, I think you'll be fine [​IMG]
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    Hello everyone, I'm Teri at Ideal Poultry, one of the owners. Thank you for all the compliments and to those of you that have had less than satifactory service I apologize. If ever in the future I can do anything for you please contact me directly at [email protected].

    If anyone is looking for started pullets in the Houston area you might check with Jensen Drive Feed, 9740 Jensen Drive, 713-691-0691, Chester or Maggie will be glad to help you or Quaility Feed, 4428 N Main, 713-862-2323 and Ken will help you there.

    We do provide all of the poultry for the Texas TSC stores and all of the Atwood stores nation wide.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

    Teri Adcox
    Vice President
    Ideal Poultry
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    I have done business with them for many years and have had nothing but excellent service & birds! They are the best hatchery IMO. Nobody beats their customer service. Teri is wonderful! [​IMG]
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    Finally got their site opened!
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    Email from Ideal:

    We have a Great Sale on Guineas this week.

    Special Guinea Sale for 8-4

    Hatchery Choice Guineas are now available for $2.00 for 25 or more $1.80 for 50 or more and $1.60 for 100 or more.

    Regular price range is $3.00 to $3.23

    Regular small order charge of $7.00 applies, as does the $.15 for air mail charges. The minimum order is 25 guineas. This special is valid through 8-4-10.

    Order now on our website, place order code ASK10 in the comment section or call us at 800-243-3257 option 2, to place your order for this great special.


    Teri Adcox
    Ideal Poultry


    email: [email protected]
    phone: 254-697-6677

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